great to be there

this world i love.  exploring on my hoverboard and of course taking every opportunity (opportunity as in hillsides, drop offs, buildings) to do some trick moves.

nothing is like there, and you can’t explain it to people… there are youtube videos of course, but people always want to compare it to other virtual worlds… is it like brand A or brand X…. no, sorry, nothing is like being there.

you can drive a buggy or hoverbike… fly on a hoverpack or hoverboat… and go all over the world… i have met so many people from all over the world. and yes, you can meet people from all over in other virtual worlds, but something is different about Therians.  good and bad in everything, but the good people in There have such a feeling of unity… i can meet someone and just start talking and play cards or just hang out.

there is my home. other worlds, yeah, i have tried them… and i am in osgrid because i love to build on the grids, and explore other grids.  but when i am There, a special feeling happens in me and no other place gives me that.


ahhh… another update from MW

i wait soooo not patiently for the updates from MW on the soon re-opening of what has been and will be again, home to so many…

each step, each bug found and stomped on… brings us closer, and i am sooo wanting to be back in what was for me, my first home away from home.. my first virtual world.

There got me thru some pretty rough times and the good friends i met there have stayed good friends.

Many nites of insomniac board riding and exploring… there is like no other world like there… lol

for now, i am hangin out in osgrid, building and modifying and designing… just passing time with my friends as we wait.

also… hmmm…. guess i better sell all those critters on farmville, cause they are gonna starve to death once there reopens.

someone, trying to be nice, tried to give me one of those cats in sl… i never unpacked it.. i told them, i don’t want anything i have to take care of in that game, cause i don’t fit there and the only good thing i found there was the dancing, and of course, Jace.

well… back to osgrid for a bit… i found an old house with gaps in the walls and some really UGLY textures… but a great layout and decks… so that will keep me busy for a few days.  ‘wave


shanghei questing

on a quest at camelot.... december 2009

Cant wait to get back home to… i so miss my avie with her bent hair and cool clothes… seeing the GPs pics and videos makes me all the more anxious to be there, playing Motu Motu, or Gin… or riding around on my custom Sojka or one of my hoverboards… but especially just spending time with my friends…  sl is not the same… osgrid is not the same… although i have got to know some good people, and got to know some great people better….

oh, and i know it won’t start right away, but i can’t wait for CCR and quests and oooo…. maybe even sparkle hunting will come back.. 😀